Time is critical when responding to a flood, water, hail, snow or any type of ‘water’ damage. The longer you wait, the more likely more damage will occur. We’ll are ready and available to assist you in a timely manner. Water that came through backed up or through windows is in many cases contaminated and can be hazardous to your health.

We can provide removal of standing water, sediment, mud, drywall, ceiling material, sub flooring, carpet padding, furniture, and most importantly decontamination!
We use industrial equipment and methods using water pumps, drying equipment, dehumidifiers and industrial sanitizing agents.

We can access your property for damages from any type of a catastrophe.

If you have insurance we have staff that are licensed insurance adjusters and can assist in being sure your insurance pays you for everything you deserve.
If you don’t have insurance, as most wont, we will work with you to get the job completed at a fare price.
If you’re unsure of what kind of contamination is in your home, don’t touch it, stay away, call an expert.

Helpful Tips:
If possible, take these steps – BUT, if you are unsure of your safety, call an expert:
• If you’re unsure of what kind of contamination is in your home, don’t touch it, call an expert
• Stay out of rooms where ceilings are sagging from retained water.
• Be extremely careful around slippery surfaces.
• Be careful with electricity.
• Locate and stop the water source.
• Use caution lifting water-logged materials.
• Move valuables to high-ground.
• Take up saturated rugs and carpets when hardwood floors are at risk.
• Transport computers to a dry environment.
• Remove lamps, telephones, and decorative items from wet furniture tops.
• Open drawers and cabinet doors for interior drying.
• Freeze valuable books and documents to retard mildew growth until drying can be performed.
• Place aluminum foil squares, china saucers or wood blocks under furniture legs to avoid carpet staining.
• Don’t operate TVs, vacuums or other appliances while standing on wet carpet or floors, especially wet concrete floors. Serious injury can result.